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Sample resume of a substitute teacher

How do I find a job as a substitute teacher? How do I write a substitute teacher resume to get a job at a prestigious school, lyceum, or high school?

The teaching profession is in demand at all times, but even experienced teachers can have trouble finding a job, for example, if they change their place of residence. Teachers who want to move from a comprehensive school to a lyceum or gymnasium may also find it difficult. We suggest you step into the role of a learner for a while and learn how to write a quality resume that will reflect your performance and advantages over other candidates.

In the Responsibilities and Achievements section, describe the results your students have achieved:

  • Taught history and social studies to students in grades 5-11 in 3 parallels (over 600 students).
  • Conducted at least 30 weekly lessons in her subjects, led two electives and additional individual classes.
  • Developed a new methodology of teaching history.
  • I regularly supervised 5 classes, as a the result the success rate in my classes increased by 25%, the number of unsatisfactory marks was halved.
  • My students regularly participated in competitions and contests and won prizes.
  • The success rate in history and social studies is 100%.
  • The quality of knowledge of students according to the results of monitoring conducted by the educational organization, on history - 67%, on social studies - 88%.
  • I took part in the competition "Teacher of the Year". Took 2nd place in the city round.
  • Took a refresher course.

Pay attention to the description of professional skills, especially the level of proficiency in modern methods of teaching and education, computer programs:

  • Teaching experience - 7 years.
  • Experience in working with groups of up to 50 people.
  • Ability to listen, understand people, respond quickly to questions, create an atmosphere of constructive communication.
  • Knowledge of Keynote and PowerPoint programs.
  • Ability to organize a lecture in a methodological way.
  • Ability to react quickly to unforeseen situations.
  • A creative approach to the organization of training.
  • Possession of different (including communicative) teaching methods.
  • Ability to work with an interactive whiteboard.
  • Ability to provide an individual and differentiated approach.
  • English: intermediate level.